Four Cheese Vegetable Lasagne

Thanks for this recipe goes to Simon Whalley, who calls his version “The Superfruit Mega Vegie Lasagne.” Simon is the owner of the wondrous Superfruit in Ivanhoe, where we get all of our fruits and vegetables, as well as many other good things. I have altered the recipe a bit from the original, which is why I changed the name, but it’s much the same as his version.


What I love about this dish is that it is rich and nuanced in flavour, and most importantly, it is not watery, because you cook the vegetables before assembling the layers. A watery lasagne is not one worth eating, in my opinion.


As with most recipes, the quality of your ingredients will largely determine your outcome, so I recommend fresh vegetables, fresh herbs, good quality cheeses, good quality oil, etc. The kinds of vegetables used, as well as the amounts, can certainly be altered; so go with what best suits your tastes, and good luck with it!


This recipe makes nine generous servings.

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