white flowers with multicolor splatter


Dear Audible, if they are “recommendations based on past purchases”, why are they mostly books I’ve already purchased? From you.


Dear Amazon, I order things for myself, my mom, my sister, the kids, my husband, my friends and even my dog. You should probably stop trying to figure out what to recommend for me. I don’t really need the latest sci-fi romance starring a wise-cracking werewolf on a space Harley. Probably.

You’re right about the shoes though. I love the shoes.


Miranda, it would be great if you could stop telling me how hot I am. Frankly it makes me a touch uncomfortable. And while I think you’re cool, the truth is you’re better at lulling me to sleep than you are at waking me up.


To whoever does this to flowers, why? Have you not looked at flowers in nature? They’re kind of the greatest thing ever. This just isn’t necessary.  










Photo and text by Sandra Peterson Ramirez.