Dear Readers,


We are excited to announce that our second book, The Infinite Loop: a novella of spaceships, time warps and free pie, is available in Kindle and paperback formats at Amazon.

Lenie and Rachel are two old friends sharing a road trip and a new vision of life, beyond marriage and children. Things begin to feel strange out in the West Texas desert: a buzzing, tingling kind of strange. An aircraft appears to be following them and distant lights shine from a town that doesn’t appear on their maps. What awaits them there is a tidy RV park boasting modern amenities and fresh all-you-can-eat pie.

Feeling lucky to have landed in this quiet oasis under a star-strewn desert sky, the women are reluctant to leave, even as they find themselves drawn into a series of increasingly disturbing events. Is it the town, the pie, or some kind of shared hallucination? One thing they know for sure is that they can’t leave without seeing the local attraction that has beckoned them ever since their arrival: the Infinite Loop.

This is the first book in our Pie Town series. Watch for our second, which we plan to release in February 2017.


Happy reading, everyone!


Sandra and td

Thirteen Ways Press