Shot of the Inside of My Head This Morning

Shot of the Inside of My Head This Morning

Stuff I woke up thinking about this morning:


1. Weight Watchers keeps sending me exorations to rejoin. Because they know. This week I did curls with 20 pound dumbbells. Two sets. Ten reps each. And I didn’t cry. Outloud. They may know some things, but they don’t know that at the gym this week I’m a Rock Star Dammit! (I’m not absolutely positive that exorations is a word or, if it is, that I’m using it right.)


2. My camera needs a new circuit-something-or-other so that the pictures will “stick” and my iPhone is refusing to talk to my computer so that I can transfer photos. I have a TON of photos on an external drive just waiting to be used, printed, somehow categorized and filed. OK, that one sounded more positive in my head. Now I’m just freaking out about what to do with all those digital ghosts of days past.


3. I’m pretty sure Bob Greene said I need Botox. I’m too chicken cheap sane to get it.


4. After reading a lovely and in inspiring post by Karen Walrond, I started regularly keeping a journal. I thought that I needed an artistic kick start and I was probably right. Even though that was months ago, I have yet to finish my novel, much less become a best-selling author. What more do the Muses want?