Welcome back to Pie Town, Dear Readers!

We are pleased to announce the release of our second book in the Pie Town series: Stranger Places: A Pie Town Novel, available in Kindle and paperback editions. For those of you who enjoyed The Infinite Loop: a novella of spaceships, time warps, and free pie, consider this your invitation back to Pie Town. We’ve introduced quite a few new characters, but you’ll recognize many from the first book too.


“The town is talking to you, Ava.”

Ava’s watch has died, and the mobile phone she’s found in her bag reads “No Service.” Her memory is spotty and her imagination running wild.

This isolated town in the West Texas desert is the strangest place she’s ever been.

She isn’t sure she can trust the locals, who range from hostile to strangely familiar. Is she paranoid, or is half the town avoiding her?

Maybe so, but she is intrigued by the town’s architecture, charmed by its quirky inhabitants, and delighted by its endless supply of fresh pie. She believes that the town and its people harbor secrets about her life and, the longer she stays, the more she recalls of the events that triggered her two-year odyssey.

Does Pie Town hold the key to Ava’s lost sense of self? Can it teach her about the nature of time, existence, the universe? Can she finally find love and friendship in this most unlikely of places? To find her answers, she’ll first have to learn to think like the locals, confront her dreams, and survive the motel swimming pool that beckons her into its depths.


Happy reading, everyone!


Sandra and td

Thirteen Ways Press