My husband has named this Heavenly Quiche because he loves it. No wonder, since it’s got so many of his favourite things in it, not the least of which is Meredith Dairy’s Goat Cheese. For pastry, I use a King Arthur Flour recipe that has been adapted by Casey Barber, which I am inserting here. But if you would like to read a PDF, from a 2011 blog post written by her, on the details of making a fine pie crust, click here.  This recipe makes two crusts, so I usually save one to make a dessert pie. Also, I typically use a mixture of white and wholemeal organic spelt flour, rather than all-purpose flour. For those who do not know what a “stick” of butter is, don’t worry. It’s 113.5 grams per stick; so, if you are making two crusts, use 227 grams of unsalted butter. I have not measured the flour in grams, but simply use the old-school measuring-cup routine of piling flour delicately into the cup, and then scraping the top off so it’s butter-knife-even. However, it’s about 298 grams, if you want to weigh it.

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