While the Northern Hemisphere is enjoying (or suffering through) Summer, we here in the Southern parts of the world are in our final stretch of Winter. If, like me, you enjoy a simple meal of soup and toast at times like these, when it’s cold outside and the days are short, then you might appreciate this creamy soup featuring celeriac. The potatoes provide a substantial but plain base, and the onion and leek are beautiful accompanying notes, but it’s the celeriac that sings out in this dish. I tossed in a parsnip, simply because I like parsnip and I had a leftover one that needed to be used; but that’s optional.


This recipe will serve 3-4 people, as a main course, or more if used as an entree to accompany a larger meal. I recommend a hearty sourdough toast with a spread of fresh butter, or a drizzle of olive oil, as an accompaniment. I would like to thank my friend Monique for introducing me to this beautiful soup! I have to admit, though, that hers was better; but then, it was my first try.

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