Dear Sandra,


Your birthday is already happening on my side of the world, but it’s yet to arrive on yours. (It all seems to be going just fine, so far 😉 I thought you should wake up to a hot and steamy cup of coffee and a special birthday post. How better to begin the day but with birthday haiku? These are three of my favourites:


Years may come and go

but our friends and memories…

what was I saying?


It is your birthday!

Drop everything and have cake.

You don’t have to share.

(Since I am not there.)

(And since I added that line, this is no longer a true haiku; but will it do, since it is true?)


Happy Birthday, friend!

May today’s coffee be strong

and the day inspired.


A great big, heartfelt Happy Birthday to you, my wonderful and beloved friend! I wish I were there to share those delectable cakes with you — and a bottle of bubbly, too.  I hope you have a delightful day and an even better year ahead. And now, I am off on a bike ride to celebrate!


With love and wishes that all good things come your way,


Tina xoxoxo