Potted Cactuses


We have some cactuses growing in pots on our back terrace. They are pretty and harmless, unless touched … or, so I’d thought. I had never really looked at them up close until recently. Robin took some photos of them out in the sunshine, thinking that I might enjoy them, and looking at the results made me realise two things: firstly, that I really like the aesthetics of cactuses, which I’d never thought much about until then; secondly, that we are harbouring an alien colony, which may or may not be planning to destroy us.


Nevertheless, they are tiny, so I think we don’t have to worry just yet. Having said that, anyone who ever read The Day of the Triffids understands that all it takes is a random catastrophe to strike humanity, permanently weakening our capacity for self-defense, in order for botanical horrors to take over our planet. And to think that people have been worrying about  zombies all this time.


This one is pretty, I think …

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