Catching Air

It’s not what it looks like. It’s just someone jumping on the bed. Even though you could have sworn you were alone in the room when you snapped the photo. You’re misremembering.


It’s a trick of the light that makes him…because it is a him, right?…that makes him look like he’s morphing head first into something other than human. 


No matter what the tour guide said, there is no room 1408 in the hotel. That’s just a story for tourists. And there is no such thing as ghosts. If you were back in that room, at the moment the picture was snapped, you’d recognize the person in the photo. If you reached out to touch him, your hand would grasp firm warm flesh. It wouldn’t slip through or, worse, disappear into a dark dank void.


Intriguing as it is, better to delete that photo. Hubby might wonder why you weren’t alone in that room. Next time better stay at that nice new modern motel by the airport. And stay out of the bar in the lobby. After all, you never know what might follow you back to your room.




Photo and text by Sandra Peterson Ramirez.