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We are excited to announce that our first book, 13 Ways: Illustrated Stories, is available in Kindle and paperback formats at Amazon.

What if, as you stared at a children’s climbing wall, you began to see and hear things that no one else perceived? What if a view of the coast you were enjoying was also being surveyed by an assassin through his rifle scope? What if the last thing you saw when you looked at the sky was the approach of an enormous cloud that looked like a ghost ship?

Ranging from brief vignettes to fully-developed narratives, “13 Ways: Illustrated Stories” comprises sixteen evocative, photo-inspired stories, invoking elements of realism, suspense, fantasy, and modern Gothic. The collection opens with “Sunset at the Hyatt Regency,” in which two strangers at an airport hotel negotiate their way through the complexities of sex, grief, and cold hard cash. It closes with “Hotel Eternity,” in which a woman emerges from an underground train station into a bright spring day, to find a crumpled stranger gesturing to her from the footpath.

In related news, here is our logo for our newly-established, independent virtual publishing imprint:


Happy reading, everyone!

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Thirteen Ways Press