The Boy got his driver’s license last week, somewhat belatedly. He’s 17 and seemed to be in no particular hurry–the same ambling attitude he has toward many things. In this case it was fine. We weren’t in a big hurry for him to be out on his own in Houston. Ok, I was a little terrified. But time was running out on the learn at home program we’d been doing so I pushed a little (maybe a lot) until he got it all done and took the driving test. The lackadaisical attitude disappeared as soon as the license was printed.

The Boy at 17

The Boy at 17


Saturday Morning, 7 am

Boy: Do you want a coffee?

Me, glancing at my coffee: I have a coffee.

Boy: Oh. Do you want a chicken biscuit?

Me: Uh. No thanks.

Boy: Oh.


Boy: Ok. Well. I’m going to go get a coffee.

Me: You can go in the kitchen and make a coffee.

The Boy makes the irritating/irritated nose air sound and disappears back into his room.

Saturday Morning, 8 am

Me: The Girl’s game is in 30 minutes, do you want to leave now and get a coffee on the way?

Boy: Yes! What car are we taking?

Me: Do you want to drive?

Boy, considering: Noooo. I don’t want to use my gas.

Sunday Morning, 11 am

Boy: I kinda want to see “Thor”. Is it ok if I go to the movies?

Me: What time is the movie?

Boy: Oh I don’t know–I was just going to drive over there and check.

I make the irritating/irritated nose air sound and go to my room.


They think we act the way we do because we don’t remember 17. But the fact is, we do it because we do remember. And it scares the shit out of us.