There are a few things that (almost) never fail to perk us up. Like seeing a reference to yourself, however obliquely, in print. I remember picking up a book by A. S. Byatt to give it the sentence test* and finding my birthday on the page. Naturally, I bought the book (as it was obviously a sign). I enjoyed it and read several more by Byatt.

This week I picked up another book and saw my birthday listed. I did not buy it.

Perhaps my cynicism held me back?

Another potential source of delight is the receipt of a handmade gift from a child. Two year old Addison made this for me:

Her mother insists that it was meant to say “Love you, Addison”. She also said it was a drawing of me. Not in crosshairs. 

So I’m feeling sufficiently perked up now thankyouverymuch. The universe can stop trying so hard and make me a cocktail instead. Really. It’s better that we just sit and drink and discuss this no more.


*Sentence test: picking up a book, turning to a random page and reading one sentence to see if you like it enough to read more. 

Photos by Sandra Peterson Ramirez